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W2 Income
$150 to be deducted from your tax return


If you worked for a business you will receive a W2 from that business some time in mid-January.  Once you receive your  W2's from all of the places you worked in 2014 you can submit them to us via email and we can submit your Form1040, the individual tax return.

Small Business or Self- Employment
$300 to be deducted from your tax return or *paid up front if you owe taxes and will not receive a return.

If you provide a service for which you are paid, you are required by the IRS to report that income and pay taxes on it at the end of the year.  This process actually starts with the business/ individual keeping good and accurate records throughout the year. This will ensure the business owner has everything he or she needs when it comes time to file a tax return. Schedule C is filed annually as an attachment to Form 1040, the individual tax return.



Tax Preperation Services and Prices


There are no hidden fees or charges for our tax preperation services and our fee is automatically deducted from your refund.  We list our prices so what you see is what you will pay for your State and Federal Return to be filed.  We are available year round should you need an additional copy of your return and we will provide it at no extra charge.

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